Sunday, September 26, 2010

This blog is all about creating a resource for designers

Highlighting the coolest interior design in America. The goal is to create a photo database that has very detailed images. I will be operating this blog in tandom with a Facebook fanpage that allows everyone to easily upload their own pictures.

The guidelines

First Take a picture of the whole space and then to zoom in on all the cool details. This will allow other designers to navigate the space, and get a better understanding of how each component contributes to the whole.

Take 20 pictures of the chosen Bar, Hotel Lobby, Restaurant, or Home, and include very detailed shots that highlight material specifications, textures, and the subtle details that are often missed in magazine editorials.

Add keywords, Name of Establishment, Location, Architect, materials specifications, mood, style.

Try to organize the photos in a way, that give the feeling of the natural progression thru the space.

Upload to my Fanpage, I will be creating a Share The Details specific Facebook page soon.

Look at Fatted Calf on my Fanpage, for an example of photos

Seth Quest Fanpage

other notes:

well composed images are a plus

the clarity of image is really important

upload the larges size possible

new locations will be featured first